Dr. Miranda Phillips

Dr. Miranda Phillips


Dr. Phillips has received both national and international recognition as a physician after graduating medical school with a 4.0 GPA. She is passionate about preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease (including the aging process) through lifestyle modifications.

Pursue peak wellness with personalized lifestyle medicine, weaving nutrition, movement, and stress management into your daily routine. Unlock your health's full potential, leading a life brimming with energy and vibrancy.

Defying Genetic Destiny

Do you ever feel like you are destined to have your parents' health problems? Have you ever found yourself worried about getting diseases that run in your family? Maybe you're already seeing things in yourself that confirm your theory or make you fear the idea of getting older!

I grew up watching my brother battle cancer, my mom struggle with weight and high blood pressure, my dad and one of my grandparents struggle with an autoimmune disorder, and my grandmother battle cancer while my other grandmother gave herself insulin shots for her type 2 diabetes. I watched as one cousin after another fell victim to one or more of these diseases.

As a teenager, I was told to enjoy my health while I had it because, in a few years, I would be having the same issues. Over 25 years later, I have none of these and have never been healthier or more fit than I am right now. In fact, I have even reversed my own cellular/biological age and continue to look and feel younger as I get chronologically older!

The Power of Lifestyle Medicine

The breakthroughs in medical research over the past few years have revolutionized how we approach disease and aging. Your genes do not have to be your destiny! 80-90% of chronic disease can be prevented by 7 specific lifestyle factors that are within our control. Not only that, but these 7 factors also help turn back the age of our cells so that they behave like 'younger' cells instead of 'older' cells.

These 7 lifestyle factors include:

1- Whole Food Plant-Based Diet
2- Restorative Sleep
3- Exercise/Movement Goals
4- Stress Management
5- Learning and practicing new things
6- Positive connectedness with others
7- Keeping toxins out of our body

Your Partner in Health Transformation

As your partner in health, my goal is to optimize your body's ability to perform mentally and physically day in and day out. We will take inventory of your current health status and lifestyle, creating a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

I don't ask anyone to do anything I haven't already done myself; my daily habits today are nothing like they were 5 years ago – and my health reflects that. It didn't come easy, and some things took much more work than others, but here I am today. My goal is for YOU to reach YOUR health goals despite your genetics!

If you're ready to take control of your health and unlock your full potential, I invite you to schedule a free call with me today. Let's work together to create a vibrant, energetic life that defies your genetic destiny.

Unlock Your Health Potential, One Step at a Time

Begin your journey to vibrant health with Dr. Miranda Phillips and the SahaVida Institute team. Through personalized lifestyle medicine and a comprehensive approach to wellness, you'll unlock your body's full potential and experience a life full of energy and vitality. Take the first step today and schedule your free call.



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