Dr. Myrdalis DĂ­az-RamĂ­rez

Dr. Myrdalis Díaz-Ramírez


Over the last 20 years, I've seen patients struggle with finding a team that can help them focus on prevention, look for the root cause of diseases, and optimize their body's capabilities. At SahaVida Institute, we've created a guide to help you regain control, define your status, and make you feel the best you can inside and out using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and cutting-edge technologies.

Step beyond traditional care into a realm where holistic approaches target the root causes of ailments. Through personalized wellness plans and advanced diagnostics, rejuvenate your body and reinvigorate your life's zest.

A Personal Journey of Discovery

My story starts like many doctors, having gone through the hardships of medical school, residency, and working in corporate environments. I've built successful practices from scratch, but I discovered that many setbacks could have been avoided with more information and support.

When I decided to increase the momentum of my entrepreneurial journey, I took steps to surround myself with mentors, a strong network of confidants, and teachers. I was determined to create a system of support and inspiration to constantly propel my visions forward.

Five Principles for Optimal Care

To provide patients with the best chance of thriving and living the healthiest lives possible, I follow five key principles:

1- I'm your guide, helping you make the best decisions as you retake control of your health.
2- We consider factors that influence your state of mind, body, and overall health.
3- We bridge the best that alternative, conventional, and cutting-edge therapies have to offer.
4- Conservative care guides us while being effective in looking for prompt and sustainable changes.
5- We don't stop until we have done everything possible to find the answer.

Empowering You to Revitalize Your Health

I understand what it's like to know there are solutions that can dramatically improve one's quality of life but be denied access to them. That's why I've made it my mission to discover the best solutions in functional and regenerative medicine to prevent, treat, and reverse health issues for my family, patients, and even myself.

When patients ask, "What would you do for your mother?" they want to know if I'm giving them the best advice possible. I treat my patients the same way I would treat my own mother, whom I adore. With regenerative therapy, I've seen significant improvements in her lung condition, faster healing from injuries, and the reversal of kidney disease through strategies to reduce inflammation and the power of peptides.

If you're ready to take control of your health and feel your best inside and out, I invite you to schedule an appointment with me today. Let's be brave and make your dream of becoming your ideal self a reality. Your best health awaits you at SahaVida Institute.

Revitalize Your Life, One Step at a Time

Begin your journey to optimal health with Dr. Myrdalis DĂ­az-RamĂ­rez and the SahaVida Institute team. Through personalized functional medicine approaches and advanced diagnostics, you'll rejuvenate your body and reinvigorate your life's zest. Take the first step today and schedule your appointment.


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