How can I improve my overall health?

Discover our integrated approach to health, combining conventional and alternative medicine to address the root causes of your health issues.


Your health journey is unique; let's navigate it together with confidence and care.

What is Concierge Primary Care?

Concierge primary care is a personalized, comprehensive approach to healthcare that combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine. With 24/7 physician access, same-day appointments, and a focus on preventive care, concierge medicine offers tailored treatment plans addressing the root causes of health issues. This transformative model redefines the doctor-patient relationship, fostering collaboration and empowering individuals to achieve optimal, lasting wellness.

Personalized Care

Tailored health solutions that resonate with your personal health goals, ensuring a journey towards wellness that feels both personal and empowering.

Immediate Access

Skip the wait times and get straight to the care you need, when you need it, making your health priorities our urgent focus.

Holistic Approach

Integrating conventional and alternative medicine to treat not just symptoms but the root cause, for comprehensive well-being.

Dr. Arun Rao


Offer personalized healthcare plans tailored to individual health profiles and goals.
Provide immediate access to healthcare services, reducing wait times and stress.
Bridge conventional and alternative medicine for a comprehensive health approach.
Identify and treat the root causes of health issues, not just the symptoms.
Support a well-balanced lifestyle with advice and treatments tailored to personal needs.

-- Dr. Denise Baker,  Primary Care Functional Medicine

Some Conditions Treated:

Autoimmune diseases
Hormonal imbalances
Digestive disorders
Metabolic syndrome
Mental health conditions
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Skin conditions
Chronic pain
Environmental allergies
Gastrointestinal issues
Heavy metal toxicity

Cardiovascular diseases
Neurological conditions
Respiratory diseases
Musculoskeletal issues
Environmental-related illnesses
Toxin-related illnesses
Diabetes and pre-diabetes
Hormonal imbalances
PMS and menopause symptoms
Immune system dysregulation

Insomnia and sleep disorders
Lyme disease
Migraines and headaches
Mood disorders
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Thyroid disorders, including Hashimoto's and Graves' disease
Weight issues and obesity
Adrenal fatigue
Kidney and liver diseases
Nutritional deficiencies
Sexual dysfunction

Understanding Your Health Needs

Recognizing the challenges in today’s healthcare landscape, we offer a sanctuary for those seeking a more attentive, personalized healthcare experience. Our concierge primary care is designed to understand and address your unique health concerns, ensuring you feel heard, cared for, and valued as a partner in your health journey.

Tailored Healthcare Solutions

Our approach to concierge primary care transcends traditional boundaries, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the full spectrum of your health needs. From preventive care to chronic condition management, our team utilizes the latest in medical innovation to craft a health plan that’s as unique as you are.

Your Path to Wellness

At SahaVida Institute, we position ourselves not just as healthcare providers but as your wellness allies. With a deep understanding of both conventional and alternative medicine, our expert team crafts a holistic health strategy focused on achieving your long-term wellness goals.

Ongoing Support for Your Health

Understanding that health is a journey, not a destination, we offer continuous support and resources to ensure your well-being over the long term. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the tools, knowledge, and care needed to maintain and enhance your health every step of the way.

Begin Your Health Transformation

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you? Contact us today to set up a Discovery Call. Together, we’ll explore how our concierge primary care services can be tailored to fit your health needs and goals, marking the start of your personalized health journey.


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