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Personalized Guidance

Tailored support based on your unique health circumstances, goals, and needs, regardless of where you are in the journey towards optimal health.

Peace of Mind

Manage uncertainty, anxiety and emotional ups and downs through education, coping strategies, and consistent support.

Sustainable Success

Greater adherence to lifestyle changes with tools to help you make long-term changes. This translates to better health outcomes and life long success.

Take Back Control

Partner With Me to Take Control

As an experienced bariatric surgeon and dedicated health coach, you will have the benefit of a dual perspective to guide you through every aspect of your journey - physical, mental, and emotional.

My comprehensive coaching instills the tools to help you:

âś… Achieve your ideal healthy weight and resolve illnesses
âś… Break free from yo-yo dieting and sustain results
âś… Develop healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits
âś… Overcome emotional eating triggers and unhealthy food relationships
âś… Build confidence, self-worth and happiness in your new life

I will be your unwavering support system through every challenge. Our coaching relationship is collaborative - we will map out a plan tailored to your needs.

You possess the inner strength to take control of your health.

Let's start writing your bariatric success story today!

Embark on your journey to optimal health!

My approach focuses on understanding the complexities and challenges of weight loss, especially after setbacks. Whether you're considering non-surgical options or bariatric surgery, I offer personalized support tailored to your unique needs. Together, we'll tackle the obstacles to sustainable weight loss and optimal health, providing you with strategies and support for lasting success.

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Stage #1


Exploring if weight loss surgery is the right path for you, considering goals, benefits, and risks.

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Stage #2


Completing all required pre-op steps: medical clearances, labs, evaluations, insurance, prep.

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Stage #3


Healing from surgery, adjusting to new diet and lifestyle routines for successful recovery.

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Stage #4


Sustaining weight loss long-term through continued healthy habits, overcoming challenges.

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Stage #5


Troubleshooting complications or setbacks to stay on track and reach your ultimate goals.

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Hurdles to health and wellness are often magnified by gaps in support. By identifying those hurdles and using a personalized approach, we'll tailor a path that not only understands your struggles but empowers you to overcome them.


Here's how some of my beloved patients have honored me with their comments.

"Dr. Rao is the best physician that I’ve ever had. She listens! She asks questions and listens! She makes sure before leaving that her patient fully understands what is need and how to solve the need. She is caring, loving, and has a great sense of humor. These are just generalities. I could be more specific, but it would take more than the space provides. She already knows that I appreciate what she did for me. I love her and wish her well."

"I don't know how anyone can say anything negative about Dr. Rao. She not only has actual bedside manners, something hard to find in most doctors, but she truly cares about your well being. I stumbled upon her with a life threatening issue that seemingly was getting overlooked... I thank God that she took my case and was able to help me and in all honesty saved my life. She is a sweetheart and truly blessed with her talents. If it weren't for her I would not be here today and able to say thank you to her and her staff. I highly recommend her for a surgeon and not that I would want to, but if I had to go back for something I would most definitely request her."

"Dr. Rao has transformed my life! She coached me through the gastric sleeve process, and prepared me to change my lifestyle to achieve long term weight loss! I have lost 260 lbs and have a new lease on life! She is compassionate, funny, and the most caring doctor I have ever met."

"An amazing Doctor. Love Dr. Rao. Very caring and compassionate. I have recommended her to all my friends and family."

"Very caring and thorough, treated me as a person not just a number- took plenty of time explaining everything."

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